Die Tat

1909 – 1939
ed. by Ernst Horneffer, later Eugen Diederichs

(Culture – Literature – Politics ; 6)

28,352 pages on 241 microfiches, 1999, ISBN 3-89131-355-1
Silver (negative): EUR 1,788.–

The magazine appeared over a period of three decades and with changing, programmatical subtitles.Ininitially released by the authors themselves, it was published by Eugen Diederichs from Jena from 1912 on. Die Tat was established by Ernst Horneffer; later on the publisher himself was responsible, supported by editors such as Adam Kuckhoff, Cornelius Bergmann, and Giselher Wirsing. A reform of life and a religious revival at first characterized the articles written about literature, art, economy, politics, geography, and philosophy; later on the magazine became an influencial voice for the antidemocratic National Socialism (with a high circulation). In addition to the single issues, there are numerous supplements which are dedicated to various topics. Having been published in a time of political unrest, the long-lived monthly now serves as a culture-historical source for the early 20th century which, for the first time, has here been completely reproduced. The edition is based on 354 single issues containing the orignal covers.