München/Berlin/Stuttgart 1907 – 1917
Halbmonatsschrift für deutsche Kultur
ed. by Ludwig Thoma, Hermann Hesse, Albert Langen, and Kurt Aram

19,419 pages on 150 microfiches, ISBN 3-89131-286-5
Diazo (negative): EUR 1,080.– / Silver (negative): 1,296.–

The review for cultural issues, März, was published by Hans Fischer, Hermann Hesse, Albert Langen, and Ludwig Thoma. Among its editors was the German President-to-be, Theodor Heuss.

In the beginning, it appeared on a halfmonthly, later even on a weekly basis and also contained art supplements. With a circulation of about 15,000 issues it belonged to the magazines most widely read during the last decade of Emperor William II.

On December 29, 1917, the last issue of März was delivered.