Cover "Mädchenbildung auf christlicher Grundlage"

Mädchenbildung auf christlicher Grundlage
1. 1904/05 – 29. 1933

(Historical Sources of Womens' Liberation Movement
and Gender Issues
; HQ 50)

19,250 pages on 224 microfiches, 2001, ISBN 3-89131-381-0
Diazo (negative): EUR 1,180.– / Silver (negative): EUR 1,416.–

With Die Mädchenbildung auf christlicher Grundlage a new professional journal joined the already ongoing discussion about what kind of profession the school should prepare young women for - that of a wife and mother or of an employed person. The monthly magazine, which started in 1904 and which was published by the «Fachabteilung für höhere Mädchenbildung des Vereins katholischer Lehrerinnen» (Department for Young Women's Higher Education of the Association of Catholic Teachers) saw its pressing aim in providing a «well-informed guide which would always remind [the educationalists] of the unshakable pole among the variety of opinions». «Through essays and proper criticism, the periodical wants to discuss the important questions of the day about the general and professional education of young women. By all that, the periodical intends to warmly represent the aims of the Association of Catholic Teachers.» In addition to the discussion of scientific and ethnic questions of the time there are also essays on school reform and school politics, on the question and the life of women, and regular reports on conferences and meetings of the association.