Cover "Handbuch der 								Frauenbewegung"

Handbuch der Frauenbewegung

Berlin 1901 – 1906
ed. by Helene Lange and Gertrud Bäumer

Part I: Die Geschichte der Frauenbewegung in den Kulturländern, Berlin 1901
Part II: Frauenbewegung und soziale Frauentätigkeit in Deutschland nach Einzelgebieten, Berlin 1901
Part III: Der Stand der Frauenbildung in den Kulturländern, Berlin 1902
Part IV: Die deutsche Frau im Beruf, Berlin 1902
Part V: Die deutsche Frau im Beruf. Praktische Ratschläge zur Berufswahl, Berlin 1906

(Historical Sources of Womens' Liberation Movement and Gender Issues,
HQ 26)

2,009 pages on 24 microfiches, 1996, ISBN 3-89131-138-9
Silver (negative): EUR 144.–

In the preface to the first part of the Handbuch der Frauenbewegung, its publisher, Helene Lange, states that there «hardly exists a question about our economical and intellectual life that is being discussed with so little knowledge of its basics than the 'woman question'». She sees the reasons for that in «traditional prejudices» on the one hand, «and, on the other hand, in the difficulties ... to obtain a general account of the entire topic which is being summed up by terms such as 'women question' and 'women's movement'». She concludes from it the necessity that «there must be a handbook presenting the collected and arranged material.»

The Handbuch der Frauenbewegung was the first comprehensive treatment of the sources of the «woman question» in Germany. In order to take the fast development of the «woman question» into account, a fifth part was added to the handbook which was originally concipated for four volumes only. It broadened and updated the fourth volume's topic «The professional Woman». Today, the «Handbuch der Frauenbewegung» is one of the most comprehensive sources when studying the situation of women's movement at the turn of the century.