Satirical Periodicals ISSN 1435-4020

Ed. by Alfred Estermann

Cover "Eulenspiegel"

The revolution of 1848 was an incisive event not only for political situations in Germany. It also helped the press to a series of periodicals which today give a highly informative insight into their time.

Characterized by their pointed, laconically precise texts and their concise and highly artistic illustrations, the satirical periodicals, which were constantly threatened by the censor and more than once suppressed, made fun of the regional, national, and even international situations of their time. Because their extremely varying longevity – from only a few decades to up to an entire century – these satirical periodicals provide a historical account of the time between the Democracy of pre-1848 and National Socialism, from Metternich through Wilhelm II to Hitler.

Complete original copies still existing today are rare. The paper's bad quality, an enormous circulation, and the issues' short life prevented the periodicals from becoming much sought-after collectibles. The edition presented here devotes its work to the thorough reconstruction and new publication of the most famous German satirical periodicals.