Aus den Anfängen des Zeitschriftenwesens:
Frühe deutsche Zeitschriften

(From the Beginnings of the Publication of Periodicals: Early German Periodicals)

«It is true that the appearance of the first periodical was one of the happiest inventions since it provided the scientific life with a new impulse. The eccentric attitude among scholars, which, often enough, was limited to roundabout punditry, and which aspired after fame and honor in bulky books, was suddenly shaken up; the already dead science was filled again with life! New links appeared in the republic of scholars, they spreaded from country to country, they brought news to every person willing and able to read about new books, about emerging problems in all fields of science, about experiments and inventions. These periodcals got science going again, but what, perhaps, was of even greater importance was: the scientists\' achievements could now be criticised and were exposed to public opinion.»
(taken from J. Kirchner: Geschichte des deutschen Zeitschriftenwesens)