Cover: Gianfrancesco Pivati: Nuovo dizionario scientifico e curioso sacro-profano

Gianfrancesco Pivati:
Nuovo dizionario scientifico e curioso sacro-profano

10 Vols., Venedig 1746 – 1751

(Archive of european Lexicography. 1: Encyclopedias; 43)

7,820 pages and 600 tables on 86 microfiches
1998, ISBN 3-89131-319-5
Diazo (negative): EUR 720.– / Silver (negative): EUR 864.–

«Pivati's Nuovo dizionario represents a significant contribution to Italian cultural life in the 1740s. The rich, useful, and interesting knowledge it contains is often taken from Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish an English, as well as Italian. The subjects treated are well researched and generally presented in a simple, direct style. ...

On social and religious matters, Pivati's liberalism is remarkable in the context of the rigid conformity that predominated troughout the Italian peninsula. His efforts to encourage Italian noblemen to imitate their English counterparts by assuming a dynamic role in the economy of their countries represented in a complete break with current practices. In treating controversial religious issues, Pivati's voice is one of moderation. He appears to be committed to reason and science as opposed to simple faith, but he tries to avoid any direct challenge to the dogmatic teachings of the Church.»

Silviano Garafalo, in: Frank Kafker, Notable Encyclopedias, Oxford 1981.